Life with my Dad

Stories I remember from growing up with a "spontaneous" Dad and a tolerant Mom who sometimes didn't think things through all the way before he implemented them. And some about my Mum as well.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hi, there!

I'm starting to write some of the stories I remember from childhood. Since both of my parents passed away before Hunter was born I want to give him a stronger sense of "family history" by sharing these things with him. If you find them to be enjoyable as well I'm happy to share them. If not, just close the page and there's no harm done. You never know...maybe they'll help trigger some of your own memories which have been lying dormant. By the way, I'm sorry everything is all one paragraph. It seems I haven't found the feature that will allow me to use tabs and hard returns yet.


  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger Jody C. said…

    Cute!! I think you have a flare for writing and definitely have image falre as well. I could picture it all with your words. that must be absolutely hysterical to look back on!!! My parents were much too serious to do goofy things like that. Leaves me with more memories of cleaning and a spotless museum of a house, than funny spontanious happenings. Sure we had our yearly RV vacations up to Canada, and that was always fun though. One year my parents and my grandma got twenty lobsters, paying only a dollar a pound then. Somehow, they convinced us two kids that we wouldn't like them at all, so we got 'make your own taocs' while they stuffed themselves on the boiled over an open flame buttery lobster meat. Little did I know then, That I would grow up to love it, and grow up to realize "hey wait a minute! what they did was really selfish!!! not fair!!" i would gladly share my lobster with my children.....maybe.


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